Next dimension of the most popular Czech radio station

Development of a content-rich web portal for Evropa 2, a popular Czech radio station visited by hundreds of thousands of users every month.

Challenges & Solutions

A web portal full of music, photos and videos is nowadays at least as important for a radio station as conventional FM broadcasting. The technology and architecture of the web portal must therefore be prepared for thousands of users connected at the same time.


The robust technical solution ready for heavy workload and the design appealing to the largest target group of Evropa 2, young audience of Generation Y. Social networking and multimedia are integrated into all parts of the site that is completely built on open source technologies.


How to combine an online radio, showbiz news, social networking, and multimedia content into a single website? How to integrate advertising the radio station depends on? These were the questions to which we tried to find answer.



It’s complicated. Some pages are continuous news feeds, some have static content and some are music charts, or even more complex microsites with polls and forms. This means that we had to prepare a lot of unique templates.

work-evropa-wireframe-1 work-evropa-wireframe-2


The web was being designed and developed as responsive right from the start, so it offers a great user experience and provides all information even on mobile devices.


Some fun facts


monthly visits.


faster page loading.


the increase in traffic from mobile phones.


increase in number of pageviews.

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