Front-end development by Norwegian standards

When time is pushing and you find an outsourced help as a reasonable solution, there's always plenty of choices out there. Luckily this time it was us who could participate on the front-end development of the ExorLive – an online web application stuffed with tons of features that help you get fit and healthy.

Challenges & Solutions

We love to participate on interesting projects, even though we’re not part of a whole process itself. Sometimes we rather appreciate a focus on one part only and then fully concentrate on it. This time it was a front-end development of the web application called ExorLive.

The biggest challenge was to complete the development in extremely short time and achieve it without any previous knowledge of app’s background.


Few calls with client helped us to discover all unknowns and threads. The lack of layers and responsivity previews in graphic draft were solved with coder’s advanced powers of visualisation and Bootstrap framework. A condition of the older browsers support (IE8) and using a code that meets the latest website standards forced us to pay a special attention during a final testing.


A quick analysis of the product helped us to uncover all desired features and behaviour of functional items. This allowed us to anticipate the needs and possible future conflicts without exceeding a budget.



Given the requirement of responsive and mobile ready solution we chose to build the project on Bootstrap 3 framework. This decision saved us a lot of hassle and we could deliver more stuff in shorter time.


Some fun facts


weeks from quote to handover.


desktop, mobile and tablet ready.


HTML5 and CSS3.


developers on parallel coding.

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