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A multilingual website for ACTIVE24, an international webhosting and domain registration company. From visual guidelines to the last piece of source code.

Challenges & Solutions

After we had created successful communication campaigns and websites for their Czech branch, ACTIVE24 asked us to design and develop websites for all the countries where they operate.


The unified design and administration environment of 5 language versions reduces the maintenance and campaign costs. The web is fully integrated with the ACTIVE24 internal ordering system, and so the registration or purchase of a domain only takes a few minutes.


The typical behavioral patterns of web users vary among nations, and so does taste. What one finds too bold and striking, others may find dull and cold. In our analysis, we tried to find the structure and design of the site that both Spanish and German users would enjoy.


Some fun facts


increase of the conversion ratio.


site visits annually.


increase of returning visitors.


extension of time on the site.

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