Designed and developed for JAVA developers

Nothing can be more challenging than designing a website for a company consisting of highly experienced developers who know the stuff.

Challenges & Solutions

Even experienced software developers from Morosystems ask professionals for help when they need to design and develop a cutting-edge web presentation. Especially when they also need help with digital strategies and want to create high-quality content.


It was our intention to give the technology company a human face. No stock photos, just real-life developers and analysts doing their work. But despite the high quality and sophistication of graphics, we didn’t forget the primary goal: clarity and information value the website brings to its visitors, possible customers of Morosystems.


Software developers like precise assignments, and they’re also able to formulate them. That’s why we could focus primarily on preparing the content of web architecture, visitor target groups and SEO in our analysis.



The website layout combines the advantages of one page design and the navigation based on a well-arranged dropdown menu. Subpages are composed of blocks that can be easily combined and that divide pages into smaller logical units. As a result, even pages with large amounts of text are clear and airy.

work-moro-wireframe-1 work-moro-wireframe-2


The web was being designed and developed as responsive right from the start, and so it offers a great user experience and provides all information even on mobile devices.


Some fun facts


extension of time on site.


reduction of bounce rate on mobile devices.


newly hired employees through the Web.


faster page loading.

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